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In reference to the origin of this breed, it is noticed that all the material corresponds to the Atlantic branch of the species and its origin is related to other chicken breeds in the north of Spain. With industrial avicultural development in the 1950s and 1960s, and the creation of hybrids in order to produce eggs, the number of Asturian Painted Hens fell dramatically to the point of extinction. Fortunately, the breed was saved from extinction in the 1980s by a few enthusiastic traditional hen breeders. At the moment, an Asturian Painted Hen Breeders' Association is in the process of being set up.

Roosters will weigh 4-4.5kg (8.8-9.9lb) with hens being 2.5-3kg (5.5-6.6lbs). They're a active breed with good quality meat, though is more as a layer. They appear mostly in the mottled variety, but may appear in a brown, white, or black variety and they lay a cream colored egg.


Diameter of rings: Cock, 2O and Hen, 18.


Head: Medium size, rounded and wide.

Face: Smooth and red.

Comb: Single, medium size, straight and steady. Possesses between 5 and 7 serrations, not very deep, with blade high and along the neckline.

Wattles: Medium, well developed, rounded, smooth, thin and bright red.

Earlobes: Medium, long, attached to the face, smooth and red as the wattles.

Beak: Medium, strong, well curved, yellow with black spots irregularly distributed.

Eyes: Round, proportionate to the face, orange, eyeliner around the eye.

Neck: Medium length, strong, heavy hackle that rests evenly on the shoulder.

Body: Broad, well developed, not very long and slightly erect.

Back: Broad, almost horizontal, heavy saddle feathers that do not extend past the back.

Chest:Broad and deep, well muscled.

Tail: Medium sized, well populated, feathers broad and overlapping, the sickles moderately long and well curved, held a little above horizontal.

Abdomen: Broad and well developed.

Wings: Longer than wide, well-folded held tightly to the body.

Thighs: Strong and well muscled.

Legs: Yellow with some black spots.

Toes: Four, well separated, strong and straight, yellow with black spots as the legs.

The characteristics of the hen are the same as the cock, except for differences due to gender.

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