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Pic courtesy of Stevens Poultry Farm
Pic courtesy of Stevens Poultry Farm

Just came back from visiting my dad, asked him about the double left hatch, he got his from a friend from our hometown who worked for Bates and also a partner bought some double lefts from Bates. One was a spangle nine time winner. The original sire was a 3/4 blueface, 1/4 madigin green leg grey of Percy Flowers blood from Eddie Gooch, had posted earlier that it was from Johnny Mitchell but that was wrong, had got the names mixed up. Hens were hatch/kelso from Kemper Marley. You won't find better hatch, they are explosive, vicious birds with big football bodies and most have pale to light red heads from the blueface in them. 80-90% pea comb and high strung when pure. But Bates I'm sure already had hatch before he created these, which always adds confusion to a breeds makeup. Guys that knew him also said Bates did a lot of experimenting with his birds at home, testing them and their crosses a lot especially for gameness. He knew exactly what he had usually before stepping in the pit. (posted by

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