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Bobby Boles in his chicken yard.
Bobby Boles in his chicken yard.
Bobby with his trophies.
Bobby with his trophies.
Bobby with Larry Lingerfelt
Bobby with Larry Lingerfelt
Boles hen.
Boles hen.


Bob Boles, The Legend Cocker, Was Kin to Black Bart, The Famous Outlaw

BY JUST JACK (April 2003, The Feathered Warrior)

During a period of time after Bob and Clarence Boles and their attorney, Jim Vizzard, placed a legal injunction on their names being printed in any game fowl journals or fight reports, they used the pseudonym “Black Bart” entry.

When I asked Bob why they chose that name, he showed me an old family Bible that indicated that their grandfather “Bowles” and his brother came to the Denver area after the Civil War. The brother became known as “Black Bart,” the outlaw.

One of Black Bart’s most legendary feats was when he put on his boots backwards and walk 10 miles through the snow… The posse chasing him went the wrong way.

Years later, during the 1990’s, when I visited Bob and Susan, Bob had a shake cock in his battle line-up he called “Black Bart.” He was darker than other cocks in the line-up that he called his “Black Stabbers’ mating.”

Bob said that “Black Bart” and “Black Stabber” and the great Aseel: Spanish Miner Blue 26 time winner, 50 years ago, were three of the greatest battle cocks he ever bred. He thought the Black Bart mating was the most consistent – the old, “big-nick mating,” but, they came too big – mostly shakes.

At the time, he had fought Bart six times; then, he broke his right leg. It had healed with a big lump on it; and, he’d fought him three more times, since. Bart is the big shake cock shown in the Bob Boles video. Bob liked to take a big shake cock with his derby entries in case anyone wanted to match a cock of any weight – sometimes seven or eight pounders – for a sum of money. Black Bart was his shake ace on more than nine of those occasions; and, was in the keep again when Bob went into hospice.

Ruben and I took “Black Bart” and “Back Stabber” along with the other cocks at Susan’s dispersal. We retired them to the brood pen until they too passed on last year – five years later.

Hopefully, the blood stock from these individuals will keep the Boles Legend alive for a long time.

My Black Bart Boles Program for 2003

“Black Bart” was bred by Bob Boles in 1989 from his old, big nick mating, that won 30 (35 entry-average derbies) from 1990-1992.

Bart won shake fights between 1991 and 1994 when shown in a video of the Boles fowl.

Bart had a big lump on his right leg which had been broken in his 6th fight. He had won three more fights at the time of the video-1994; and had won six more fights by 1997; and, was in the keep again when Bob died. He was eight years old. Bob said Bart won more fights to an older age than any of his former “big nick” cocks that he had fought to age six or eight; so, he didn’t think his “big nick” mating was slipping like some people thought. (That was due to other, smaller, matings he’d been trying like the 3/8 Oriental grade, “Back Stabbers.”)

The best big-nick grades were ½ Aseel; or, 5/8 Oriental, like Black Bart; and, 3/8 the Polecat B.B. family. (Bart’s spurs turned down just like my old Polecat B.B. brood cock, from Bob.) I still have this nine year old cock and hen; and, a select young pair out of them that are Polecat colored. I have another trio – actually two trios that came both black and Polecat out of the Dom colored B.B.’s I got from Bob. I still have the zig-zag barred dom hen shown in the Boles video, as well as the little black Ghan Aseel hen shown with chicks in the video. I bred her to Black Bart until he died last year. I have and exceptional trio of them. I also bred Bart to a Boles hen of every other strain that made up his pedigree and set back a select pair or trio. A Fardown hen, a B.B. hen, a Boles old family Jasil-Aseel hen; and, two Jap hens that Boles told me to try that came from the same “Japanese Gardener” family of Japs that his great 1964 Jap cock that made his Jaseels and the great Boxwood cocks. Sonny Hancock had that family that was still proving itself in major competition; and, that he thought Sam Gowdy had the same Jap family.

Sam helped me procure two of his Jap hens; and, by a stroke of luck. I got Sonny’s foundation Jap hen, from his estate., that he had loaned to a friend of mine for a $500 hen fight match vs. a Hatch hen. The hard-hitting Jap hen won quite easily, and, later produced some great grade sons fought as the “zoomers” by my friend. He gave her to me to raise some fowl for him three years ago.

While all the Black Bart matings are exceptional-especially those back to Oriental hens – the Bart-Hancocks are in a class by themselves as Boles said they would be. They are the fastest; and, can fight as well going backwards as forwards. I’m setting back two full yards of them to set as families.

Bobby Boles The California King

By (the Ancient one) 11-20-01

Not sure just where to start as Bob boles was so vast, so intense, so unbelievable to most who never saw Bob boles in action. To the many that saw Bobby at Derbies every two weeks and for a spell every weekend, it looked like a dream come true as all watched in total amazement.

Were going to lay some ground rules here, We'll speak lightly of those still living except maybe one or two!!! As Tom Spurrier said this is Going to be a long one , best toss another log on the fire. It may take me a while to really explain to you all about Boles, his ways, his ideas, his many hidden abilities, when I'm done it will blow your mind . Boles was truly the greatest legend in cocking of all time, plus the most successful and never sold a feather. Even after being offered 30,000 and up just for a trio. (How would this grab many of you peddlers out there???

Envied by most, feared by ALL!!! If I can keep kick'in till this article is done, it will give you a real eye open-er. to get the ball roll'en Boles went to hot springs AR. three times as I recall (on one of those trips he had a wreck with Doc. Watkins) Jack Dempsey the boxer was the first ever to pull a million dollar gate. Dempsey often came to cock fights. Sand springs, OK. and hot springs AR. Now Tom Spurrier and Jack Dempsey looked enough alike to be full brothers when their hair was wet and slicked down with that old rose Hair Oil. Tom was taller.

The first time I saw the boles boys, they were pump'in gas and lube'in cars on the grease rack. Ed teelman and I had been over on the coast look'in at some two year olds to buy (race horses) Ed's car was low on gas. It was a Star or Essex's car, at this minute I'm not sure? As I'm a horse and chicken man. We had the car filled up as it was a shell gas station and I think we were in Madera CA. after hearing the cocks crow I asked If we could take a look at the fowl. (they did not care back then) This was way before the 'NICK'!! Bobby and Clarence were just two more wanna be cocker's. This had to have been in the 30's and their fowl were nothing special, some of this and some of that. I saw Brownreds, and black greys, being Hogg Toppies O.K Roundheads, Clarets. They had most of their cocks out on string walks, and to this day I still believe Boles string-walks and tie cords.

Bobby was a practical and wise cocker from the start, all Bob needed was a good nick to go with all his many tricks, abilities, and ideas. I will never forget what I saw that day. Cocks tied by the leg and the other end, was eye screwed to a pair of lettuce crates. He had one crate stacked on top the other with side braces to hold them in place, and a flat board on top set on a tilt to let the droppings fall off. On top at the back, out in the hot sun he had emptied out car and truck batteries as water Jugs. I ran my finger inside one of the cells and the water seemed hot. As we drove away I was thinking those cocks needed colder water If he was ever going to win a derby. But over the years Boles has proven it helps tough'in a cock up if you stress them a tad, just like making good wine.

While Bob and Clarence were brothers , Bob was the thinker and the (Master mind). Back then both were just two very average cockers trying to win a Derby!! The boles brothers lived and kept their fowl behind the shell gas station. Time went by and not too long after this the war came into view. Clarence joined the Army, him being single, and later becoming a Barber and living out his life in Santa Cruz, CA. Never marrying.

Bear in mind that Boles always liked dark fowl and owned different ones, early on that were not his famous nick blacks. Bob ran the gas station and tended the fowl (very average fowl) Bobby ordered three black hens from R.L Saunders of Commerce GA. two had top knots one clean headed. Bob even told Mac White they were Black Claiborne?? Who ever heard of black Claiborne's ? word has it they were 3/4 Brewer Warhorse 1/4 River Tassel from G.T. Brewers blood of Mississippi.. Rube Thompson of Fresno/Hanford California. Rube had fowl at both places at the time , also bought a trio from ole R.L Saunders in just weeks from Bobby's order. Rube called his black death and his and Boles Blacks won some good fights. But two years later Rubes started pulling up and wanting to go back to Georgia. While Boles got Gamer and Gamer and even became Deep GAME. While Bobby only got the three hens from ole R.L he borrowed a Black 8 time winner from Russell Bowdin of TX. (spoken Bow-Dean) And bred over these three hens, and he did breed away from the top knot side. How? You pull their heads off and put them down in a post hole. And say nothing. On the quiet side Bobby then bought two cocks and four hens from the old cocker in KY. who has bred super game and cutting Sid's for years and years. Mingus wrote about this old boy in his later years, Mingus also bought some of these black spangle Sids and put into his Brownred Sid's. These are the blacks that Boles hit the Nick with, and also why Bobby's hens started coming with white spangle feathers mixed in with the black and if they lived to 7-10 years would come solid white. Also 40% of Bobs cocks would come Brass backed. while Clarence was away in the Army he was stationed in TX. could of been Fort Bliss, Texas, you know El PASO? One weekend while driving around with a buddy in the country side Clarence heard some cocks crowing and slowed to take a look. Sure enough some fowl were running loose.

Clarence stopped and saw some kind of Asil's, Strange looking but real Orientals, biggish, with very low and streaming tail feathers dragging the ground. Clarence asked about them and the lady had kids and not much money, as her husband had been shot or was in jail I forget which? He said how much, she said 3 dollars each, Clarence bought a few and sent them to brother Bob. after just three weeks, brother Bob called for Clarence to go and buy what she had left. All in all they got seven head and culled down to five head. Bobby has been asked asked all his life (after the NICK) What were his Blacks and what were his Rare Asil's? Now Robert J. Boles and Susan O. Boles are great folks and have been preyed upon since the big NICK. When Bobs dad came into the country their name used to be Bowles, but like many the W got dropped. Bobby always said he thought his Asil's were knife Asil's and I'm sure he meant this as they being no doubt from old Mexico, perhaps, Mexican Asil bred with Red don Rossie Indian Asil from Argentina. Whatever they are Ghans and Sonatols. Clarence got back home around 1943 he learned to cut hair in the Army work'in on his buddies, If you Believe that Susan's nephew just flew over to India and picked these up, I have swamp land for you in Florida, Also if you believe that Bob had the same blacks and the good Asil's in 1933 and he never hit the big NICK until 1946? are you to believe it took him 13 years to cross the same fowl to get a nick? If you think their were 5 or 6 stories about the Chet fowl,Well' there must 12 or 13 about Bob Boles and his fowl!! I'm to old to brag but I probably knew more about Boles and his fowl than he knew himself. You ask how can this be? Because he only knew his side, and I know both sides. His and all the others that were after his blood, and on and on. Bobby and Clarence got out from under the shell station and Bobby bought his place out on road 29 in Madera. Clarence took his share and bought a place in Santa Cruz. thus going to work in a barber shop and both brothers raising fowl. Bobby did a lot of back yard fighting and testing and I do mean A LOT. At a six cock derby somewhere south of Madera the Boles brothers won six straight and two hack fights in early 1946, And from this day on for 22 long years boles ate up all the competition. (except Alvin Roca the Chet/Asil breeder from Fresno CA.)

At first, many thought it was just luck, or after the nick brood-stock died things would be back to normal, No chance Boles won and won and won. During the 40's 50's 60's Derbies were all over California, soon cockers would come to a derby and if Boles was there,they would box up and leave to go look for another derby and easier pickings. Soon everyone but Boles had meetings and all wanted Boles to break one of his cocks legs before pitting just so they would have a chance. California was 1 1/2 inch for many years. So they put it to a vote and voted in long heel's thinking this would stop the Boles winning streak? Guess what?? Boles normally won in 3 or 4 pittings, but now in long heels he was winning in the fly or in 1 or 2 pittings. The plan had backfired!! Bobby always had a shake problem 5.12 to 6.6 Lbs, Many cockers just started bringing in smaller cocks so they wouldn't half to meet him. While I knew Bobby I never tried to get too close, sometimes you cannot see the forest for the tree's!! During the 50's Boles got on an even bigger roll, you never knew when or where Boles would show up, as he knew every pit and every rut in California fought from south to north and on up into Oregon. Boles used to fight up at Rosenburg Oregon at the old up stairs pit in the barn, till one of owners started sneaking with the other guys wife. So the loser burnt down the pit. And the Rosenburg pit had run for years. In the mean time Boles started going to Oklahoma to sand springs, at shell creek, Frank Cutsinger was running shell creek, and Boles needed a new crowd, and he found it here for a spell, as every one thinks he can out draw Jessie James, till he tries it a few times!!! Cutsinger treated Bobby real good, Gave Bobby some Heel's and went out of his way for Bobby. Clarence would sometimes come to California derbies and even some out of state ones, but soon it became a one man show. At one Derby in OK. Cutsinger asked Bob for a favor and /boles was in deep and could not say NO!!! Frank asked bob for one of his Battle cocks. Bob gave him one, and in 24 hours the cock was in Kansas City's brood pens. No money changed hands, Cutsinger simply owed him them a favor, Well this was lesson number one for Bobby and he never let anyone else close to him. Kincaid and crew put this Boles battle cock over 8 Toppy hens and many of these stags kicked ass. The next year they bred the cock back to his daughters and many ran off. (note you cannot breed Orientals from sides as they are a hybrid to start with, You know? like a mule. Bobby dale for a time handled for Kansas city, maybe 4 or 5 years. While Bobby Dale had one bad eye he liked to fight chickens, he was the younger brother to Tom Dale who just passed away 3 or 4 years ago, Mr. Horta (grandad Horta we all called him) Was a grandad to Jessie Horta and there was a uncle Lupe who died way to soon in life. From time to time we are going to be side tracked to give you a visual of what really went on. Once boles was at shell creek and fighting a pyle cock 1/2 Spanish 1/2 asil and later became a 16 time winner and was Bobs biggest winner ever. Myself and many others thought Boles had a bunch of 26 time winners, anyways, I did not know grandad Horta very well yet, but I know he travelled everywhere Boles was fighting and bet lots on him, ( I just didn't Know) Bobby pits the Pyle cock and he's into a south Texas cock, and he flies across the pit and cuts bobby to hell and back, at the handle Bobby is rattled bad, bobby holds his head and neck out, and the rich Texans and Oil Okies are betting a thousand a call, and grandad Horta is calling them to a stand still on a seemingly dying cock? I'm thinking this poor Mexican gentlemen has had too much Tequila, otherwise he would not be calling all that money on a dying cock? Bobby set his cock down easily on the word pit, The Texas cock seeing the other cock down really got into gear this time and blasted across the pit, all speed and no control, Bobby's Pyle cock buckled into the Texas cock and killed him dead on the score line, Stone dead, so dead he didn't even kick. I couldn't believe my eyes, I thought my god, my god, this Pyle/Spanish/Asil cock later on became Boles biggest winner of all time, a 16 time winner I will send a picture of this cock.

Later on I became good friends with the Hortas and grandad Horta, as without his love for chickens Jessie would of come into trouble in grandads eyes, and he was probably right. Jessie had many talents and super car painting was just one of them (Jessie is reading this and wondering who the hell am I?) He custom painted cars for the Barris brothers custom customs in Los Angeles Ca. Sometimes I would fall by and watch Jessie paint friends cars at his home (moonlighting if you will) Jessie had a small house with a lean-to carport and painted a lot of them early T-Birds with the round port holes in them. Candy apple and Golden persimmon. Later went down to Acapulco Mexico and painted custom boats in super metal flake colors. I'm sure grandad Horta is long gone but not forgotten and I hope Jessie is well. Early on the Horta's got the California Hatch. The Horta's were wonderful folks, we need more of them.

In the 50's Boles was in his Hay-day winning at (WILL) wherever he went, Soon the big boys wanted to hire Bobby as a breeder for them. He turned them all down, he didn't need anybody and he did not sell any fowl, so soon he had crooks and thieves checking him out day and night.

In the early years Boles drove an old Chrysler station wagon to the many derbies and 95% of the time it rolled out with all the money. While bobby always remained frugal, Many times he would have liked to bet a side bet of 5 or ten $$ without giving odds!! Many cockers on the side lines always laid $100 to 60 or even 50 from the get go before being pitted..

Bobby only got the center bet of $50 or $100 unless he went out of California but even in a new area the odds never left him long.. It got Bobby's goat because he could not get any outside bets for even money.. But had all the main and purse anyway.. Few people indeed ever fought Boles a main he did get a few mains the first year after the Nick..

But this was short lived as word gets around fast.. Soon Bobby got spoiled after winning 95% of all his matches. His normal pattern was to bring 22 or 23 cocks to each , Enter 2 shows and hack whatever he could after the , Many times bobby would win straight fights in both shows, other times he might drop one fight in one entry but still get all the money.. It got to the point where Boles would holler like a pig caught under a new gate, when he lost a fight.. Year after year boles would bring 22 or 23 cocks and loose none or only 1 or 2 birds.. Note" Bobby deserved to win as no other cocker in history ever put in as much time and thought as he did.. Every morning except Sunday, Bob took a wheel barrow and shovel and cleaned up all the overnight manure from every pen and tie cord.. This alone was 2 hours each day..Boles put small mesh wire under each brood pen roost, coming up from the ground and going to the top of the wall .. Then he hinged a 1-1/2 foot board at the back bottom of the pen, thus just reaching in and cleaning it all up.. Other pens he would put a slant board under the roost pole.. The same for each tie cord no fowl on Bob's yard ever spent a day in his own manure.. All tie cords were always on Bermuda grass (Bermuda is not only green it also has lots of seeds on it) Boles was most clever in many, many ways. He never took a mixed entry (other than the one Pyle cock) By not taking any mixed entry one looking on from the side lines could not compare one show from the last show or the next show of cocks .. Bob had a thing for Dom's as his blacks had Dom in them.. We will get to that later.. Boles in one showed all white grade cocks and while they did quite well, I never ever saw one of the m again.. there was something he did not like about them.. What happened to them?? Did he sell them on the side! Nope he post holed them, kept the grass growing..

At first, Bob only showed his Nicks, being half of his fardown/Sids and half of his lite blackred yellow leg Asil's.. Most would come Dark body with red in neck and saddle to regular light black reds with yellow to smutty legs.. some of the darker grade cocks showing ash color legs..( No you are wrong no Hatch) Bobby hated a ducking cock, as a ducking cock is just a target for any good Grade.. From about 1954 to 1959 that were even more outstanding than the first Nick. These cock would kill, couple, Death rattle a cock in the break.. These leggy Grades would time and time reach up under the other cocks wings and cut,cut ,cut.. few cocks even lived through the second piting.. What were these spotted leg killers? Only about 3 people knew.. His friend up the street who was not a cocker, kept Bob's brood pen from prying eyes.. A 3/4 Asil 1/4 Jap cock bred over Black hens.. Somewhere Bob got a medium size Jap cock and bred over one of his Asil hens then took a 1/2 and 1/2 stag and bred to another Asil hen of some distance .. When this one special Jap cock died he could not find another that suited him.. and he spent the rest of his life searching for the same, you would think he would have gotten a hen after he new they were that good but you know this chicken business.. I have on hand photos of at least 8 of 9 cocks and stags that Bobby discarded, all medium size Japs, at times bobby;s place was like grand central station for Orientals.. This is no doubt were the so called Daddy Boles japs tale came from.. Bobby's arms got tired of post holen all of these so Bob did give some of these away to a chosen few..

Bear in mind I'm old and this story is going to jump back and forth a few years and not all in a straight line.. I recall it just as if it had happened yesterday .. From his run of 22 years going from 1946 to 1968.. In the last years from 1966 Bob's percentage started to fall off.. I asked Clarence one day at the if he thought the competition was getting better or if the boles cocks were getting worse? (you could talk to Clarence he was very forth right) you got very little out of bobby.. Clarence said to me, I think it's both.. first how far can you go with only 5 head of Asil to start with plus one of the many times Bob got hit by thieves they stole one very special pure Asil cock that was very valuable In Bobby's breeding program this one cock set the brothers back years in fact they never recovered from it, Secondly Clarence said we used to run into a lot of them old Hatch type cocks Dumb slow, and low headed power cocks, that were just setting ducks for good cutting Grade cocks.. Now days many are breeding much sharper battle cocks Murphy/Law and Butcher/Lacy cocks were giving our Grades a much harder fight.. Clarence died of cancer about 5 weeks after I talked to him... Time goes by and everyone is after Bobby boles.. The crooks the thieves and the rich boys.. Walter Kelso was a very well known cocker and oil man from Galveston TX. Walter reasoned that anything could be bought if enough money was offered, the first time Walter offered Bobby 30.000 for a trio of his Asil's and to tell Kelso how to breed them??True to his form Bobby said No!! Why would he sell a feather when he was making money hand over fist? The second time was after Kelso saw bob fight at hot springs Arkansas with ED Piper running the show.. This time Kelso got real serious and offered Bobby a blank check signed by Walter and told bobby to fill in the amount, Any amount that boles wanted for one Trio of Asils.. Walter signed the check and was holding it out trying to stick it in Bobby's shirt pocket, again Walter told Bobby to just put in any amount, Even 100,000 if that's what it took!!! I mean Walter wanted some of those world beater's in a bad way!! Yet Bobby simply said NO THANKS and walked away.. Now don't that just make the hair curl up from your head all the way to your spine on all you non fighting-chicken peddlers from Utah to Alabama and in between..

Word is that Walter Kelso was so upset after this second and final turn down that he took an extended vacation to the virgin Islands in St. Thomas and St. Croix were he watched the girls and the local type cock fighting, I think they use a long double sided in the Virgin Islands...

Next, we have a combine out of Texas who simply wanted bobby on their team, it was not a matter of money but pride, they already had money to burn.. They tried over and over to get Bobby to join them as a feeder, as a handler, But mostly as a breeder was really why they wanted his skills.. Boles answer was the standard NO THANKS!! Why should He? As Bobby did not need them? Nor did they need their pockets lined any more.. All they really wanted were his skills and knowledge, I am not going to speak the name of this Combine as some of the younger ones are still perhaps alive.. On one of my many trips of hauling horses from Oklahoma to California, I stopped by to take a look at their layout in Texas, Man' what a set up with custom everything.. Sand stone and Redwood chrome hinges.. It must of cost them half a million even back then.. This rich Texas combine just wanted to win, no matter what it took as cost was no object, thus they voted among themselves and decided to fight fire with fire.. They imported Orientals from India and Japan, went on an all out buying binge for all kinds of Orientals.. soon they had Japs of medium sizes in Shamo, Tuzo, Chibee and many more.. From India they shipped Javas, Ghans, Sonotol's and more.. These guys put in an extra 20 acres just to try and beat bobby at his own game.. Jap Grades on one 10 acre side and Asil Grades on the other 10 acre side, they crossed Shuffler, Brownreds, Bee Martins, Warhorse, Mug Whoomp and more..2 years later they were ready to close in for the kill.. The Texas combine was not out to win over your average cocker, the had semi success winning over regular pit cocks 'American fowl' They wanted to beat Boles at his own game.. Now they felt they had the right ammo.. If Boles came to s creek at sand-springs OK. they were there.. Except for one thing? Every time they met Boles with one of their grades he would cut them down with ease time and time again.. This went on for almost 2 years, then they bit the dust, Well Almost anyway?

They had one final plan to whip Boles with Helicopter fowl.. It sounded good at the time.. come to find out these Texans had gotten some unusual cocks from some cockers in KY. or TN. My Okie friend and I had gotten wind of this to be fought at Bakersfield, CA. out in the middle of nowhere under some cottonwood tree's.. The fights were on and I must say these Southern cocks were as close as you could get to fighting like a Helicopter..

These cocks would break up about 3 feet and Boles cocks would just wait on the ground, the air cocks would cut some and then buzz back up in the air, turn and come back down lower and be kicking and cutting again without touching the ground, the air cocks cut and hurt Bobby a little, but sooner or later they had to land (just couldn't stay airborne forever) when these strange cocks hit the ground boles cocks were on them like a duck on a June bug.. Any cock that takes a close roll with a Boles Grade was Hamburger meat.. I forget the score now, but the Helicopter cocks lost by a large % one win, one draw, and they did cut up some of Bobby's cocks, However a Grade can take a ton of cutting due to their build and a very short digestive tract, plus their flesh is like rawhide leather, I had never seen anything like this, before or after to this day , I have no idea how these cocks were bred or out of.. to boles it was just another day at the office... I'm going to get the whole Boles story out to you however it will not be from start to finish, as there are many off ramps on this cocking freeway.. Before we go any further let clear the air on other writings by Just Jack H. now of Colorado . He used to live in the Northwest and several years ago, I knew him.. Also he was one of many who wanted me to write the facts on Bobby Boles.. FACT- A jungle fowl is a Banty sized straight combed chicken that is full Dunghill who runs loose in the jungle and you can see these in all zoo's.. No one in their right mind would mess with one.. FACT- A Malay fowl is like a shamo cock, looks semi close, but has a buttercup comb and is a Dunghill even in naked heel events.. Yes Jack H. has been to Bobby's place many times, but cannot believe everything Bobby tells you, he loves to lead in the wrong way from the real direction he is breeding, What Jack saw at Bobby's place was pure Spanish fowl, straight comb and dark partridge in color very close only in appearance to wild jungle fowl.. Later on we will cover Bobby and his love and dreams for Spanish fowl.. Mostly to cut down on the size of his too large battle cocks..

FACT Boles did one time try Breeding PUN's meaning Punjab.. Because Bobby saw these cocks and they could kick, there was a so called Oriental expert who lived in California he was asked to come see the Pun's as well as see them spar, He was asked as to what he thought they were? for his money he said he thought the were 3/4 shamo 1/4 Asil.. bobby did try them, not game enough, you guessed it, down the old post hole, It worked for bobby and it can work for you.. If you just knew which ones to kill? CLUE' The duckers, the puller ups, man-fighters, non-cutters, and don't try to save an old breed that was no good to start with...

One more example and we will let Just jack slide into Oblivion.. Jack and others were instrumental in the buying of battle cocks that Bobby let live after he was dead.. His wife Susan sold these few battle cocks, being about five head of dom colored cocks and twice as many Blackreds... Well the group buying the cocks only wanted the reds and none of the Dom's, but when they discovered the price went up with picking what they wanted, they quickly bought all the cocks along with the Dom's.. Had they only known that the Dom colored ones were full nest brothers to the red ones...Here is the kicker.. after buying said cocks the group had a non Oriental feeder train these cocks and they only won 4 fights, where as if an experienced Oriental feeder had fed these cocks I'M sure they would of had 8 wins... what were they thinking? Shame on you Just Jack...

The track is fast and the horses are in their peak.. Stay tuned we have not yet out of the gate.. Next month we will talk about Clarence some, and Bobby's Many,Many secrets to winning.. He string walked his battle cocks, Yet he country walked his brood cocks...

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