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The Chantecler is the first breed of Canadian creation. It originated in the Province of Quebec. It is the result of efforts to obtain a fowl of vigorous and rustic temperament that could resist the climatic condition of Canada, a "general purpose fowl," a good winter layer, and especially with comb and wattles reduced to a minimum.

In the production of this breed two crosses were made in 1908, by Brother M.Wilfrid, Poultry Husbandman at the Oka Agricultural Institute, La Trappe, Quebec. a Dark Cornish male mated to a White Leghorn female and a Rhode Island Red male mated to a White Wyandotte female. In each cross the pullets were white in color.The males varied greatly the Cornish/Leghorn dirty white in color,slight in shape, and no comb, wattles or earlobes.The R.I.R/Wyandottes were white spotted with grey and black. One was a columbian color and type and was kept and crossed in 1909 to the pullets from the first Cross, the Dark Cornish male and the White Leghorn female. Selected pullets from this last mating were then mated with a White Plymouth Rock male weighing 9 3/4 lb and the subsequent matings for the next 6 years produced the typical fowl sought for as it is today. At the same time care was given to egg production. In 1916 a pullet produced 91 eggs from Nov, 1916 to Feb 1917 a period of 4 months.The breed was admitted to the Standard of the American Poultry Association in 1921. The Partridge variety originated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In the production of this variety four crosses were made, Partridge Wyandotte, Partridge Cochin, Dark Cornish and Rose Comb Brown Leghorn. This is a general purpose fowl for egg and meat production. The skin color is yellow and the egg shells are brown.

Breed Clubs

Chantecler Fanciers International

Chantecler Club of North America Address - Adrienne Blankenship, Box 43, Long Valley, NJ, 07853

Association for the Preservation of Chantecler Fowl Phone -(French) 819-268-2037

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