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Pic courtesy of wclawrence
Pic courtesy of wclawrence

This is the Turkish long-crowing fowl. The breed was developed in the southwestern part of Turkey, near the town of Denizli. Its crow can last 15-35 seconds. A first year bird has a crow of 20-25 seconds. Length of the crow diminishes after 3 years of age. Three types of crows exist: light, Davudi (medium), and coarse. Davudi is a single and clear voice.


The neck and legs of these birds are long. The breast is deep and wide and a squirrel tail is the norm for the breed. Rose and single combs both occur.

Denizli fowl appear in 5 color varieties:

  • Demirkyr (a balanced mixture of black and white)
  • Pamukkyr (more white color than black color)
  • Kinali (red spots on the wings)
  • Al (Red) (a mixture of red and black colors)
  • Black (completely black, no white feathers)

Cocks weigh 3-3.5 kg (7-8.5 lb) and hens 2-2.5 kg (5-6 lb). This is not a highly fertile breed, so a male should only be given 3 hens in a breeding pen.

Chicks are black or yellowish black and are slow to feather out, maturing at about 8 months. Around 70 eggs are produced yearly and the hens are non-sitters.

British DENIZLI Standard

Origin: Turkey

Classification: Light Rare

Egg Colour: Tinted

General characteristics male

Carriage: Upright, bold and active.

Type: Body large, deep and compact, breast full but rather cut away at front, back rather short tapering to the tail, wings quite short, tail carried very high but not squirrel.

Head: Skull medium size, beak strong and curved, eyes bright and full of life, comb single or rose of medium size, face smooth, earlobes small, wattles medium size.

Neck: Rather long and thick well extended.

Legs and feet: Legs moderately long, strong and free of feathers, toes four, long, round straight and well spread.

Plumage: Quite short and tight. General characteristics Female

General characteristics are similar to that of the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences.


Male/Female plumage: Birchen, silver and gold duckwing, black/red and black. In both sexes beak horn eyes dark, comb, face, wattles, and ear-lobes red, legs and feet slate.


Male: 3.5kg

Female: 2.5kg


  • Mr. Mehmet Akdeniz
  • Julia Keeling
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