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George Wood

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Date of Birth: March 16, 1919
Date of Death: July 17, 2006
Place of Birth:
Known For: Lacy Roundheads

Johnny Jumper and George Wood
Johnny Jumper and George Wood

By Dee Cox

There have been a lot of good cocks bred in Alabama and bloodlines carried on that are better now than when originated by good breeders like Jimmy East, Ray Alexander, Blondie Rollan, Bud McPherson and many more. Judge Lacy originated the Lacy Roundheads in 1918, fought them for 24 years until his death in 1942. He fought chickens with George Davis until his death. His son Carl, who passed away this last season fought these Roundheads until his death. A lot of people call these Davis Roundheads. When Judge Lacy died, Mr. Davis inherited half these chickens, George Woods inherited the others. Both of these fine gentlemen have done a fine job of keeping these chickens pure and good.

When Judge Lacy originated the Lacy family, Mr. Carl Davis was just a young man, he was doing the training for his Dad, George and Judge Lacy. Mr. Curtis Blackwell originated the Bumblefoot in 1949-50. They were bred 1/2 Law Grey, 1/4 Hatch, 1/4 Kelso. These cocks were great and their offsprings reproduce even better chickens and they are still great chickens. Harold Brown originated the Red Fox fowl which are still great. Mr. Ed Garrard originated the Garrard Spangle Hatch. I think Mr. Garrard was the best breeder of all time. I know he really helped me and Bud McPherson on how to breed. My older son, Mike has taken over breeding the Garrard family. He really loves them. I got my first Roundheads from Mr. Davis and George Woods in 1959-60. I know I would hate to see these fine families perish away. I would like to see my sons and grandsons have the right to breed and fight these fine chickens.

By Tres Mentiras

George Wood the breeder of the Lacy Roundheads died last July 2006. May his soul rest in peace....

In 1947, George Woods inherited the Lacy Roundheads from his uncle, JUDGE EARNEST LACY who is the originator of the Lacy Roundheads.

George Woods is the only one in the family who had interest in gamefowls. So when his uncle died, he inherited almost all the chickens of Judge Lacy. He focused only in this blood because his goal is to use only one bloodline so he could concentrate on the traits to be improved creating the best roundhead.

He fights his chickens, because, only in fighting the chickens can you improve them.

What he did was to exchange among breeders, who only bred the Lacys. However, during the World War II, his stocks were destroyed by the war. Thus, in order to start anew, he acquired an Albany-Claret blood from J.C. Shepard in 1947, which he infused with the Lacy Roundhead.

He produced improved versions of the Lacy Roundheads, as a result. However, he never sells a feather. That is something he never wished to do, he said.

Nevertheless, instead of selling, he gives those George Wood Roundheads to his closest friends.

Among others, Allen Hinds was one of those privileged who have acquired these Roundheads through George Lay. Fortunately he sells, but he does not fight.

Allen Hinds, on the other hand, has other bloodlines like Kelso, Radio, Stuart "Yellow Legged McLean" and Sweater which he uses to infuse with the George Wood Roundhead.

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