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By: Tres Menteras

The Green Legged Sweaters originated from a Blueface Hatch of Mr. Ted McLean.

He had two brothers of this bloodline: one straight comb, and one pea-comb. Subsequently, he tested them and the Straight Comb Blue Face dominated the fight, and blinded the Pea-Comb Rooster.

Ted Mclean bred the Straight Comb Blue Face Hatch and bred with with a Morgan Whitehackle from Mr. Hennie Mattheius.

On the other hand, LUM GILMORE, nursed the Pea Comb Blue Face Hatch and bred it to the Blueface Hatch x Morgan Whitehackle hen which was a breeding of Ted Mclean.

Sweater McGinnis acquired some of this 3/4 Blue Face-1/4 Whitehackle and gave some to Harold Brown. Mr. Brown bred them with his Boston Roundheads. The 3/8 BFH -1/8 MWH x 4/8 Boston Roundhead offsprings from this breeding, were line bred to those green legged ones resulting to YELLOW LEGGED THROWBACKS which were called YELLOW LEGGED MCLEANS.

Going back, Sweater McGinnis, gave a Harold Brown YL Mclean to Walter Kelso who bred them to his Kelso hens.

Cecil Davis bred the offspring to his 5 Out and Out Kelso hens. The offspring of this breeding was the first time that the SWEATERS came into the picture. It was named after Sweater McGinnis, because he was the source of the Harold Brown YLH.

Subsequently, Roy Brady acquired these SWEATERS and infused Hatch and a little of his Radios. This is the first account, where Roy Brady noticed that green legged pullets are coming out. Now, this is a GREEN LEGGED SWEATER--a throwback which can be traced from Ted McLean's Blue Face Hatch.

Presently, what breeders do, is to set the GL SWEATER HENS with a YL SWEATER COCK resulting to GL SWEATER COCKS, then they breed it back to the mother (GL SWEATER HEN) resulting to GREEN LEGGED SWEATERS.

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