H. H. Moore

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H. H. Moore

Photo credit hno_albino
Date of Birth: November 23, 1880
Date of Death: November 22, 1963
Place of Birth:
Known For: Clarets

For The Record

'By Consenza'

Mr. H. H. Moore was born November 23, 1880 and died November 22, 1963. His son, Buck Moore was born in 1914 and died in 1984. Mr. Moore was from Alex, LA. I was raised ten miles from Mr. Moore. I first met him in about 1953 or '54. I was at his house at his house at least thirty times or more, as I was Claret crazy. Mr. Moore had three families of Clarets. He bred them separate. He had the Wine reds, the Wheatfield and he made a family of light Brown Red, all yellow leg and straight comb. He told me in 1940 or '41 he got where he couldn't make the weights at Sunset. His cocks were coming too small. He bred a six-time winning Whitehackle cock into the Wine red family, and set them as a family. The Wheatfield all came light color. The hens did not have red necks like I see in the book. Mr. Moore told me he got those Clarets from Mr. Madigin when he worked for him. He used a high point regulation on the left leg and a medium point on the right. He used Boston Roundheads for crossing as they were better ground fighters. I use to go get Mr. Moore every Sunday as he lived by himself and would come eat dinner with us. That was before my daughter was born. He said he liked kids but they made him nervous. As I see what he means as I grow older!


The Gamecock, February 1996 page 67

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