Herman "Sweater" McGinnis

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Herman "Sweater" McGinnis

Date of Birth: 1905
Date of Death: Dec. 1959
Place of Birth: N/A More information is needed to complete this field.
Known For: Sweaters and Blueface Hatch

Photo credit Tonio
Photo credit Tonio
Photo credit Tonio
Photo credit Tonio

The Sweater Name


Herman McGinnis used to work for Percy Flowers. He grew up near Oklahoma City, Blanchard, and east of Chikasha. His friends used to call him Herman until one day (1926) the temperature went down from a normal warm weather to a cold day. Herman Mcginnis was seen wearing an red old knit sweater with buttons down the front. The bottom went to his knees like a dress. The sleeves were rolled up from his elbows to his wrist and the roll on each arm was big as a football. All about you could see was a face, two hands, and two feet sticking out of a red sweater. Immediately people around him would say " Come here, Sweater" that is when the nickname came to be.

by Brownred Kelso

This coming from a man who was there,, that i know really well,,,,,,Sweater Mcguiness died at the OLD BOXWOOD PIT, at Axton, Virginia, it was a long drag fight, he won that fight and let out a rebel yell and had a massive heart attack, the hat he was wearing that day kinda hung there on a nail in the doorway, one day a fella was messin around and put that hat on an old black fella named "Mose" who cleaned the floor at the pit and it likin to scared him to death,,after Sweater had died Percy Flowers might have had one of his best feeders/trainers ever a French Canadian named Johnny Monroe Sweater had left Percys cupboard loaded with good bred stuff and the only problem "i was told" Percy had was Monroe was more interested in selling those chcikens behind Percys back and sending them back to Canada,,,well here's the way the story goes Mr. Flowers found out and hired a hit on Monroe but the gunman missed and Monroe left town,,,,he hung out in Western NC and got gone from there and i have never heard his name since!

The sweaters as bred by Sweater Mcguinness for Percy Flowers were some of the gameest cocks that ever lived, it got so bad people were stealing them off the tie cords,,,so Sweater bred bantam into the blood and i was told they were better as far as fighting cocks then the sweaters were. Sweater Mcguiness was a gameness freak,,,that was his thang,, he wanted the gamest cock on the planet....and should he lived he might have gotten to that point because it was close to perfect then,,,,,,

One of the best selectors and trainers ever from what the old timers tell me was Col Jack Claffey, Col Claffey, would pick through and feed the cocks Sweater would throw out when they were going to those big tournaments in Florida, at St. Augustine The colonel had a tremendous win record and the unique thinng about him was that he never went into the pit and had no interest in the cocks fighting, just merely liked to feed and condition gamefowl. This was a most admirable man from what all was able to gather about him and he lived his life out on Percy Flowers farm until his passing, i was told,,,,,,

Now, when Percy Flowers got into trouble for making moonshine whiskey, he had a trial and finally got aquitted, the state was trying to convict him not for making the liquer but for the unpaid tax on that whiskey. The thing that might have helped him get out of that situation was that foreman of the jury was Willis Holding, the same Willis Holding that was gifted the fowl from TK BRUNER ast his death. Now as i was reading when Sweaster died Harry Parr was able to get one of the sweater cocks back from Pinehill farms (Percy Flowers) and that was a cock Willis Holding had out on loan, he was lucky to have even gotten that one back,,,,,,,,good roosters used to have more pull than American Express Gold back in the day.........

The state accused Percy of making alcohol for so many years 24 hours a day 7 days a week, they had planned to tax him on this amount of money,,,by that time Pinehill farm had reached 5000acres and Percy Flowers owned Johnson county, NC,,,,his store is still there and i visited johnson couty just a few weeks back, his daughter has developed this area into its own city,,,,,,,,,,,,anyhow,,,,Oh Percy Flowers had a son,,,Jr. that went to UNC was going to be an attorney and was killed in a plane crash, i noticed pictures of him piloting an experimental craft, had he became a politician we might have cockfighting now in the USA,,,who knows.....


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