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Hugh Norman

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Known For: Originator of the Rebel Reds/Greys fowl

Hugh Norman made his living from gamefowl and a couple of other sidelines that gamefowl money allowed him to do. Hugh fought all over the Southeast and eastern U.S. from the 1930s on thru the 1950s. During this time he had a full time job and fed and pitted for other "high Rollers" as well as fighting on his own. He had his farm, 335 acres, in Georgia where most of his fowl were kept by his brother and sister. Hugh lived in Birmingham, Al. and worked at Republic Steel as a supervisor. He met his wife in Birmingham. By 1956 he had big enough reputation with his fowl that he quit his job, due to a disagreement with his boss. He built a 3 room house in Ga. and moved there. He told me when he got his little house built he had $3 in his pocket and a hillside covered in game chickens. Hugh sold baby chicks. He could barely raise enough to meet demands with 3600 egg incubators that ran from February to May. He never fed or watered a baby chick before it was shipped. He also sold quailsized fowl, and adult fowl. Most every thing except chicks was breeding breeding stock. He had a very small number of customers that got fighting cocks, but hundreds that bought crossbred chicks. He had a customer in te P.I. that bought and fought his cocks under the Spitfire Entry. Hugh told me he had a full time accountant and that he paid taxes on a certain amount each year. His other farm income which was cattle, bulldozer work was part of his taxable income and a source of visible support. Two things he told me about a full time gamefowl business. You can't make it just winning derbies. You have to sell fowl. Young and old to have everything that people can pay for. Not everyone an afford grown pitcocks or broodfowl. You got to sell your best. He also told me more than once that anyone that bet more than $100 on a cock fight was a fool. That figure would be higher now I am sure. To his thinking a reasonable bet would be the price of a good pitcock. He was successful many years so who am I to argue?

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