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James "Mac" White

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James "Mac" White was a regular contributor to Grit & Steel (a U.S. magazine dedicated to gamefowl) until G&S shut down in August 2009. Mac has been around gamefowl for a very long time and has been friends with many well known breeders of the past. He breeds Bruner Roundheads, Bmw Kelso, Greys and Clarets.

Article about Asils


By James “Mac” White (The Gamecock, February 2005)

I have been asked by many of you, why I have not responded to recent articles about the Bob Howard Asil stories. Well, to be very honest about it, I didn’t want to get into a paper war. I didn’t know it (stories) would be a continuing ongoing ordeal. This will be a little lengthy but I can assure you it will be a one-time response. I will write under my name and not under a pen name so you will know exactly who is writing the article.

“The Story”

Back about 1980 or somewhere close. I became interested in Asil fowl. Having none in this area to look at I called my old friend, Bobby “Robbie” White in California. I knew he was close friends with Bob Boles and Bob being the acknowledged champion on Oriental fowl I sat out to acquire some fowl and some knowledge.

When I approached Robbie on the subject he said, Why in he—do you want those things for? “Because,” I answered, “they are different in style to everything any one else is using,” I told Robbie that down through the years people like Anthony Green, Will Allen, Bobby and Clarence Boles, Kansas City Combine, and some others had done very well with the grades. Well, I don’t know anything about those people but for forty years I’ve watched Bob Boles clean clocks, he said. “Can you get me any,” I asked? “Nope,” he said, “and no one else is going to get them either unless they steal them. I know another man who has some good ones, his name is Leslie Melvill and I can get you some of those.

Bobby introduced me to Les and we become good friends. He sent a trio of Asils to me at no charge and I was off and running. I consumed any and everything concerning Oriental (Asil) fowl. I raised a nice batch of Asils, five stags and seven pullets, out of the first trio. I had studied the entire do’s and don’ts and could hardly wait to spar my new love. They were no good. I called Les and he asked me to send some to him so he could personally check them. He called and said, “I’m sending you the best two hens and stag that I have in my back yard.” They arrived at the Huntsville, Alabama airport and I opened the box in the United Airlines Air Freight office. They were absolutely perfect.

After the first breeding season the stag dried up and died. I raised a fine son that I named Mighty Mouse. This was great producing little cock and we raised some fine outstanding cocks from him bred over a Sid Taylor hen from Dr. Randall Herring. I whipped a Johnny Moore Grey cock with him with out getting hurt. I later furnished a full show of cocks to J.S. “Hoss” Devaney. His son Keith and I finished 7-2 and finished ½ fight behind Bob Howard for the overall. The little Asil/Sid was our money fight against Harmony Downs. They too were going for day money. Again, the little grade won unhurt. The late Col Sparkman hollered out “Shades of Bobby Boles.” This was at Mid America. Hoss told me that nothing would whip that little monkey rooster as he had knocked out a big Hatch cock two times sparring.

A couple days after I came home I received a phone call from Bob Howard. I had met Bob, two times previously: Once at Dwight Orr’s Shop and later at his home in Georgia. He asked to buy the Asil and offered $500 for him. I said, Bob I turned down $1,000 for him at the derby. He said, “Well buddy, if ever a rooster was worth one thousand dollars that one sure was, but I have a limit how much I’ll pay and it is $500. If you’ll let me have him I promised that he will not get out my hands. “I agreed to the deal and my wife Mary and I drove half way to Cleveland, TN and met Bob on the road to deliver the little black cock I had named Mike Tyson.

Bob fought the little cock at the next Mid America derby and again won his money fight with only a cut on his toe.

A few days later Bob contacted me and ask, “How many of those Asils have you got?” I told him I had some sags coming cocks. He said I’d like to come and visit you if it’s ok. I assured him it was fine. He came and spent the night with us and I made a video of Bob talking about his fowl, the Murphy’s from T. L. Orr and the Kelso’s from Ed McKeldry. During the interview I congratulated him on all the derbies he had been winning. In the video I ask him what were the best cocks he had seen. He answered, “Well buddy, I guess the Murphy/Kelso’s until I saw these Asils. Now I believe they might be the best cocks in the world.”

He offered me a fantastic deal if I would let him have the Asil cross stags coming cocks. With Les Melvill’s consent I sold the fowl to Bob with the understanding that not one feather left his hands. (Memo: I told Les when I got the fowl I would not put them up for sale.)

The first time Bob fought the Asil crosses was at Sunset. He told me the Philippine Gov’t was coming over to watch him and he needed to show good. He called me from Sunset after the fight and said, “Well buddy, I didn’t win it but I went 7-1. Carol NeSmith went eight straight. He went six straight with the Asils and 1-1 with his fowl. Everybody down here is talking about the Asils,” he said. The president’s brother and brother-in-law and other high government officials are all coming home with me, he said.

Bob, called after he got home and ask me if he could let the gentlemen from the Philippines take the fowl back with them. “I’m going over there to train their boys how to train cocks,” he said, I told him that as long as the Asils left the USA that they could go.

I still have a video of those cocks in my pens here on the farm and also a video of them at Tarlac, Philippines.

I visited Bobby and Susan Boles three times with Robbie. Once Johnny Jumper went with me, and the last time Bob Howard as to go with me.

I made the video Soggy Bottom spoke of in one of his articles. I notice you mentioned everyone but me, I loaned the video to Bob but did not know he made a copy.

Bob Howard won many derbies before he met me. He won them using his fowl. Let me say this for the record, every Asil cross Bob Howard fought was bred and raised by me, James “Mac” White. If the above article doesn’t prove what I’m saying, Soggy Bottom may contact any of the following men, as they know who raised them.

In the USA: Johnny Jumper, Ray Alexander, Dan Gray, Oscar Akins, Gene Brown, Gene Batia, Lester Belt, Cigar Lail, Larry Romero, Carroll Ibele, Randall Herring, Steve Simbeck, Richard Wilborn, Tony Wilson, Joe Zannino, Eddie Frith, Lonnie Harper and others. In the Philippines: Peping Cojuangco, Esting Teopaco, Jorge Araneta, ?? Boy Araneta, Bob Deiz (Boy Diaz I guess), Larry Amante, and Beboy Anrequez (Biboy Enriquez).

Bob doesn’t need Asil articles to promote him, he was a great cocker before he received the Asils. I know this will start a paper war but as I said, this will be my only response. There are a lot of other people who might want to add to what I have written.

I have no keeps for sale and I have no Asil fowl on my farm. I gave my Asil fowl to Nathan Jumper, my godson.

Mighty Mouse died on the Tarlac plantation in the Philippines. His son Hammer died in Canada. I presented both as gifts to friends free of charge.

I apologize for this article and only responded after friends ask me to. May God bless each and every one of you and your loved ones.

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