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The Jitokko is a longtailed, bearded/crested breed from Japan, and in fact is the only crested breed from Japan. During the Edo era (1603-1867) the ruler of Satsuma ordered his commanders to supervise the local farmers, and one of the commanders name was Jito. One day a woman farmer gave him a mature hen for meat, and it was great. Since then, the breed was named Jitokko, or chickens from Jito. They are believed to have been Satsumadori crosses, and are quite rare with only a small number of breeders keeping them from extinction.


The Jitokko's are very calm and tends to avoid conflict with other chickens, but are not very shy towards people. They are fair layers and make great mothers. Due to inbreeding and lack of lines however they are not very disease resistant.


The Jitokko has a small single comb, short legs, long tail, and crest as well as a beard. Though they may come non-bearded as well, however the beard variety is more common as 30 years ago they were crossed with a bearded polish, which gave them the larger and longer crest. Cocks weigh 2.6gk (5.7 pounds) and hens 2kg (4.4 pounds). They're seen in Black, Black Breasted Red, Silver Duckwing, and White.
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