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John Kozura
Date of Birth: October 4, 1913
Date of Death: August 15, 2004
Place of Birth:
Known For: Muff Toppie

  • Kozura

Born October 4, 1913, departed this world August 15, 2004 at the age of 90 plus. John is survived by two active sons in the sport, Kliney and Dr. John Kozura, Jr. I met John almost 50 years ago and remained a friend from that time.ohn traveled to St. Augustine, Florida in 1946-47 and to Haverhill, Ohio as well as all of the arenas in the northeast in their heyday. As I recall, when you met a Kozura Muff-Toppie you were in for a long day. John knew his muffs better than anyone and proved it by their performance. John was a strong and determined man that loved God, family and his fowl. John, Kliney and John Jr. were responsible for the organization of the PGBA. When you give it a little thought, John Kozura had a long run from the forties to 2004, and was still active to the last. He will be missed by many in the sport. He outlived many of his old friends. I know he will be accepted with them in that big pit in the sky. --Joe “Z”

  • In Memoriam of John Kozura

One of the truly greats of the game fowl world has passed on. He was within one month of his 91st year. Truly John Kozura was one of the finest men to ever be involved in the sport of cockfighting. John is survived by his daughter Marie Scott, two sons, Kliney of the home in Minersville, PA., and Dr. John Jr., and wife, Gerrie of Denton, TX; one granddaughter Kristine and two grandsons, John III and Keith. John was of Ukrainian descent and like most good Catholic families there was a houseful of brothers and sisters. John got bitten by the game fowl bug as a young man during the depression. Fortunately for him he got hold of the Muff Toppie which were the best short heel I ever saw fight. When Kliney went to the drag a hundred to fifty behind , collect your money, for the Muff was a lock to win; they were that good. They were also good in long heel, one and one half and up. They fought in the best of company like the Florida tournaments and Haverhill, Ohio, where they won back to back with heels one and three quarters inch against the pitch forks. They also won the Frederick, MD tournaments more than once. In te hot bed of short heel country (after Troy, NY) Scranton, PA, the Muff Toppie dominated. Ed Rogers, who ran the Montchannin Pit in Delaware and who kept a history of wins, said the Kozura fowl had the greatest winning percentage of all entries that fought there. I got to know John, Kliney and John Jr. shortly after college, 1960. They had the most honest bunch of chickens I had ever seen. The passing of John Kozura, one of the most honest, plain talking, loveable “gentleman” I had ever known, has left a void. Can you imagine the greetings he received in heaven, especially from his northeaat competitors, who preceded him in death? Good bye dear friend, I will certainly miss you, as well as the family and fraternity. A friend in the world of cockfighting. --Doug Ward


The Gamecock, November 2004

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The Kozura family is from Pa, The doctor later moved to Texas, his father John and older brother Kliney . John got the fowl from an older man who was Irish, John never really knew what they were only that they were Toppy,Muff. Its been said that the Kozura fowl had the highest winning percentage at haverhill, Ohio, one day Doc. & Kliney talked him into going to Virginia to see the fights, For 10 years at pitside and at their place John sold to Billy Ruble cocks & hens, Now this started in the late 40's, Billy was there at the pit & Billy acted like he didn't know who John was, after getting snubbed by Billy. John never again sold a feather to Billy Ruble. " NOW YOU ALL KNOW WHERE Billy GOT THEM ". The Kozura's usually fight 6- cock on up Derby's. Doc won the International derby in the Philippines in 1980, under the name Lone Harvester entry, Doc and Bill Mcrae ran a pit together The pit was Two States, Red Richardson was at Doc's place one day & told him that Ruble's hatch were nothing until Billy used his fathers bloodlines actually he used another word to describe the Rubles. The Kozura fowl should be 100% straight combed,yellow & white legged & red some show white feathers in tail and wings. Doc still has an ad in the Gamecock magazine. Penn - Tex Farms is also the same name he uses at the pit his # 1-940-383-3973 He will ship to the Philippines. Due to his busy schedule he only fights a handful of times a year. Other fowl at Doc's place are Sweaters, Hatch & Shufflers. I bought my trios from Doc & Kliney. They have treated and sold to us as good as it gets I'm sure he will do the same to you. Doc's farm, is a well organized beautiful GameFarm. There's three families of the Kozura fowl the Toppy, Muff & the MuffToppys. Some say the Toppy is Claiborne I disagree, I think they're nothing more than Irish game. I do not sell or give away a feather of the Kozura blood ...on a promise Although they have contributed a lot to the Game the Kozura Family is the least credited in the Sport, Kliney & Doc. were both Presidents to their States GBA I can go on & on.. look at those 70's 80's Gamecock mag. you'll get an eye opener once in awhile.

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