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Pic courtesy of shadowvisoncustoms
Pic courtesy of shadowvisoncustoms

The Kentucky Doms were originated by Dr. J.B. Frymire, and H.E. Frymire, by using O'Neal Dom. Mugwump and Norwood Dom. Within the next fifteen years three more Norwood Dom cocks were bred over Kentucky Dom hens. About 1901 some Dom blood from D.H. Pierce was used, then Norwood Grey blood. The next Dom used was bred by Judge Dan Gordon, and sent by Col. Grist.

Have used Grist Grady blood in these fowls every eight or ten years, also one cross of Smoke Ball in 1918. The Kentucky Doms breed all shades of dom, and some nearly white. They have white or yellow legs, long straight comb and weigh 4:12 to 7:00. Are terrific fighters and game to the last. (J.L. Cassey's version) In 1854 Dr. Van Meter brought back some Silver Grey English Derbys, which were crossed by Dr. Cooper on Nic Arrington's Irish Reds. Tom O'Neal bred a cock from this cross in 1860 on an imported Irish hen frm Waddell.

In 1817 he bred a Dom cock from Charley Bryant of Louisville, KY. over his fowl and in 1874 named them Kentucky Doms. Later Dr. Frymire combined this blood with several others and called them Kentucky Doms also.

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