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McRae Blacks by Keoni

By Keoni

In my youth I was lucky enough to speak to some people who personally knew Mr. William McRae and in my talks with these gentlemen I was informed of the breeding of the black McRaes and it was said to have been a cross of Black Roundhead (I later came to know that it was Sheldon Black Roundhead), Kent Mug and 1/8 Blueface Hatch. These black fowl were given almost a god-like status in Hawaii and were very sought after by many people. I was fortunate to grow up with this fine breed of fowl and had a chance to see their beauty.

Mr. McRae shipped many birds to the various islands for use in long knife events and they did very well. I was told that Mr. McRae didn't sell hens to customers and only let a very few people have some, all of which were very close friends. William McRae passed away but before his passing he had some friends help him euthanize his yards, I was told that there were many chickens and a very large fire was needed to take care of all the waste and that it took days to complete, what a site that must have been. This information was furnished to me by Asao Kadasaki (Kurosaki to some) who was a very close friend of Mr. McRae and helped him to shrink his yards down and by Mr. Charles Tucker of Iuka, MS. to both of these men I give out the very warmest of thanks for the information and the time spent entertaining the youngster I was with stories of the good 'ol days.

Black McRae by Bluff Creek

The black macraes were bred from Jack Wactor of nigger trotter and Calvin Hux kelso..they come several; different colors from black reds to black,to light reds to dark light reds with red or black eyes.....William has known the Wactor family for almost 1/2 a century.,and got 100 baby stags every other year..William started buyin them from Sam and later JACK and sold them soley to fight in the Philipines,after the vietnam controversy he started sellin' to the Hawaiian islands and all acrosss the US because of the popularity of the long knife.......William McRae also had put some griffen clarret in his blacks at one time along with some democrat from Blondy........the black macraes are strongly infused of nigger round head and hux up to the year 2000......they can fight and born to boogie ..William macrae was on one of the 1st long knife men to ship from the states to the Philipines and was around about the Korean war to my knowledge... AND started sending the blacks after the vietnam controversy....he has been a supplier well over 3 0r 4 decades..... A very nice gentlemen indeed-he also stated that the lk birds had to be deep game to compete in competition,not like you hear today that they dont........i agree with William,game chickens that can fight like hell ,and fly in a fight can deliver and get out of the way is best for this type of fighting....he was one of the first legends to supply and dominate the long knife in the 60s , 70s and early 80s...then he became a supplier...but he had an eye for chickens if that makes any sense... William was a breeder and produced fowl that he had acquired... to my understanding he had got some clarets from griffen along with some round heads from Blondy Roland along time back...they were pretty decent fowl and macrae fought them and i can't say how he bred them..but i do know its true about his black fowl that made him a reputable breeder for long k to be honest -i believe the yellow legged pea comb democrats from the Paytons to be bred similar to the red macres that they inherited-or recieved from Blondy while he was in the hospital of the last round head infusion- Blondy liked the green legged straight comb ones best.... macraes reds were very reputable fowl...and looked like the democrats of the Paytons.....macrae got 'em from Blondy and griffen long before Bobby and Buddy Payton had 'em.... hope ya can find more about them red mcraes......

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