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Sometime in the 1970's, Sherll Penny hired a man from OK. by the name of Jimmy Johnson to come down and work for him. He stayed for 4 years with Mr. Penny, setting up brood pens and fighting roosters with Mr. Penny. During that time what they called the Left Nose Hatch came about, they named them this as this is how they marked them. I do not know the amount of each, but this is what was bred into and set as a family by Mr. Johnson, Ruble Hatch, Blueface Hatch, McLean Hatch, and Claret, the man that gave me this information said that once set as a family they carried 1/8 Claret, but he didn't know the amounts of the 3 Hatch family's, Mr. Penny did very well with this family, as they were deep game, fantastic fighting fowl, once he decided to start selling them, he started calling them Penny Hatch instead of Left Nose Hatch.

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