Rafael "Paeng" Araneta

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Rafael "Paeng" Araneta

"Paeng" of the famed Lemon "84" holding a Straight Bred Green Legged Lemon 84 specimen...Negros, Philippines.
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Place of Birth: Philippines
Known For: Lemon 84


Sunday, February 2, 1958: the best gamecocks in the country and some of the big shots converged on a famous spot---the historic town of Jaro, Iloilo.

Occasion: the Feast of the Candelaria.

Over the years, as far back as the first Candelaria of Jaro, cockfighting has been the order of the day. The Candelaria is actually a religious celebration in honor of the town's patron saint--Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria. It is the tradition in this old town (where the Archbishop of Jaro resides) to hold cockfight bulang or sabong during the fiesta. As a matter of fact, cockfighting has become the highlight of the town's fiesta. This year's event was capped by an invasion of Manila's cockers elite who chartered two planes and brought thither a stabe of 16 fighting fowl. Among those who made the trip were Dr. A. P. Reyes, Justo Palanca, Pedring del Rosario and J. Amado Araneta.

The Candelaria Derby of 1958 may go down in Philippine cockfighting history as a unique event. All the entries came out even. Everyone chalked up a 2-win, 2-loss card. This was on Saturday, February 1. A six-entry 4-cock derby was held. The entries were (1) Molo Gamecock Jungle, (2) Barotac Nuevo Selection, (3) Negros Selection and the (4) Thunderbird Team of J. Amado Araneta, (5) Balan Ferraris, (6) Jaro Selection. On February 2 there were some big matches, notable among them were those between Dr. A. P. Reyes and Homero Sian Reyes pitted his Cavalier against Sian's Blue. The Blue bested Cavalier and won a bet of about P13,500. In the next big match, Honorio Ledesma won against Don Justo Palanca. A match between Bastilio Lopez of Negros Occidental and Romulo Jardeleza of Iloilo was another main event. Betting bordered at Pll,000-P18,000, the Negros faction betting on Basilio and the Manila-Iloilo combine on Jardeleza. Jardeleza won the fight.

Monday, February 3: The pace of the fights was not as fevered and the crowd was slightly smaller than on previous days, The matches however, looked just as good if not better. Balan Ferraris Rebel Red (Stateside) won easily against the Red Rebel of Oscar Villanueva of Occidental Negros. The betting incidentally was bigger. In a big match, Vicente Montilla of Negros Occidental won against A. P. Reyes of Manila. But the really big match that stunned the crowd if only momentarily, was the contest between the gamecocks of Nene Velez of Silay, Negros Occidental and J. Amado Araneta of Cubao, Quezon City. Velez's cock was considered the best in his stable; Araneta's bet was equally regarded as his tops. The Silay cock was a locally bred Hundred Dollars (H-D). Against this Araneta pitted his Thunderbird. The fight was fast and furious and after several seconds, both cocks appeared badly wounded. After one more furious exchange of blows, the H-D turned its back and ran. It died shortly thereafter. The winner--Araneta's Thunder- bird. The stakes run up to P19,000.

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