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Ted McLean

Ted McLean on the left with Harry Parr
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Date of Death: December 19, 1988
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Ted McLean was the originator of the McLean Hatch strain.


Edward T. Mclean died at his home on Butler Road, Glyndon, Maryland on December 19, 1988. He was 82.

“Ted” Mclean had a seat on the New York Stock Exchange and worked as a stock broker until the late 1930’s. It was there that he met and became friendly with E. Sanford Hatch. He then moved to Maryland and established “Gamecock Farm”, the most complete chicken set up one could ask for. He bred the fowl Mr. Hatch gave him and kept them as a pure family.

He was a member of the Claymore club, and fought in that tournament as well as other tournaments, mains, and derbies on the East Coast.. The Hatch fowl were the only chickens he had when, in 1954, he gave them to me and sold the farm. He earlier began working as a race track official and in 1982 retired as President of Delaware Park.

He is survived by a son, Edward T. Mclean, Jr. of Yardley, Pennsylvania; two daughters, Moira Hoen of Glyndon, Maryland and Katherine Constable of Monkton, Maryland; and seven grandchildren.

Harry Parr The Gamecock, February 1989

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