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The Texas Rangers were originated by Col. Madigin and are a Black Red or Brown Red fowl with dark colored faces and legs.

  • Then Texas Rangers were bred by Col. John Madigin by crossing two black strains, the Hopkinson Warhorse and the Waddell Irish Brownreds.

This warhorse was bought by Red Jackson (friend of Madigin) from Walter Hopkinson but Jackson died shortly after receiving the fowls and Madigin took and bred them to the Waddell Irish. The original breeder of this warhorse was Col. Bacon whom Walter Hopkinson got this strain when he was working as a horse trainer for Col. Bacon. The Waddell Irish Brownreds were a dark mulberry faced strain imported by Waddell of Kentucky from Ireland on 1875. (posted by alex-g@sabong.net.ph

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